Immigration Minister Launches “WellSpring” Camp

Minister of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Nabila Makram launched on Monday the third version of “WellSpring” camp.
The camp will be dedicated to the fourth and fifth Egyptian expats’ children to instill a sense of nationalism in the new generations.
“The current camp is launched under the slogan of «Come with a friend,”  Makram said.
come with your friend in wellspring
come with your friend in wellspring
“Our children abroad along with their colleagues from the countries where they reside will participate in this event for the first time. The camps are organized by the ministry,” she added.
The minister said that this camp is aimed to promote Egypt’s travel attractions, its beautiful nature, and safety and security throughout the country so that those youngsters can convey a clear image of Egypt abroad.
She stressed her keenness on the presence of Egyptian children from different countries, ensuring the exchange of experiences and cultures, emphasizing the Egyptian identity in each country.
For his part, Majid Fawzi, founder and chairman of Well Spring , Egypt, said that this edition aims to reach 100 participants and 80 applications have been registered so far. The camp will be launched from July 14 to 19 in Sharm El Sheikh or the “City of Peace”.
special camp for children
“The presence of the minister makes the camp special. The children are sharing the flag and singing the national anthem. This pleases them because there is no opportunity to do so abroad”, he said. The registration is available at:
Fawzi added that the camp program includes a visit to the natural and mountainous areas of Sharm El Sheikh, in the young Egyptians presence from America, Canada, Australia, Germany, the UAE, Kuwait, Italy and others without using any technological means such as, computers, mobile phones and social media sites.
Fawzi said that there is a camp that will also be organized for Egyptian families abroad, which will visit Egypt, and will be held from 19 to 23 July, to deepen relations between them and support the original Egyptian values.

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