Immigration Ends Egyptian Students Crisis on Sudanese Border


Ministry of Immigration efforts in cooperation with the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum and sovereign authorities, succeeded in ending the proceedings of 120 students who were stranded on the border between Egypt and Sudan due to recent events in Sudan. Where a number of students families continue with the Immigration Ministry and appealed for Minister Nabila Makram, to move speed to save the students due to some cases suffer from a difficult health situation.

The Egyptian embassy in Sudan cooperation with sovereign authorities, were take over the necessary measures and contacted with the borders in both countries and expedited procedures.

Immigration Minister office continued to communicate with the students families and with a number of cases that facilitate communication with them at the crossing since Friday, to follow up the situation to ensure that all obstacles are overcome until the students pass through buses.

Meanwhile, Makram thanked the Egyptian Embassy members in Khartoum, led by Ambassador Hossam Issa, for their great efforts and contacts with the Sudanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Interior and releasing instructions to open the Arqeen border crossing.

The minister praised the Arqeen crossing authorities and the General Ibrahim Osman, the crossing director who continued to open the road to buses which arrived after the curfew period, then contacted with the security services representative on the Egyptian side .

Translated by Ahmed Yasser

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