How to Use Tranquilizers in Right Way?

Many people resort to using tranquilizers to calm their pains until they go to a doctor. But even tranquilizers are needed to be used rationally because overusing them are harmful.

Here is Dr. Baher El Saeed, a popular pharmacist on Facebook, explains to the public how to use the tranquilizers in the right way, dangers of overusing them, and their natural alternatives.

What are Tranquilizers?

“Tranquilizers are drugs which are designed for the treatment of anxiety, fear, tension, bone pain, headache, and toothache,” Dr. Saeed said during his weekly interview with InBox program, aired on Sada El Balad English TV channel.

Saeed pointed out that the Pharaohs are the first people who used these substances in the world.

“They could be used also to lower the body’s temperature,” he added, explaining that the maximum period to use them to calm the pain is at most seven days or 10 days, otherwise the patient should go to a doctor.

Dr. Saeed Talks about Tranquilizers
Dr. Saeed Talks about Tranquilizers

Dangers of Tranquilizers Abuse

The excessive or random use of tranquilizers could increase the possibilities of a permanent headache or addiction, so patients should ask doctors first to prescribe sedatives.

The pharmacist stressed that using them needs supervision from doctors.

Natural Alternatives for Tranquilizers

Dr. Saeed offered a group of natural choices having the same effect as tranquilizers. Ginger is one of the most famous natural painkillers which relaxes all body and bones’ pains.

Also, the mint is a good alternative because of the menthol inside it. But he advised the pregnant women not to use it much.

Rosemary and the green tea are effective against the inflammation as well as cinnamon and fennel.

He also mentioned that there are food supplements, functioning like sedatives at the pharmacies.

Dr. Saeed in InBox Program
Dr. Saeed in InBox Program

Health tips note

The excessive eating of ketchup is very harmful which could cause many problems especially with children like diabetes, autism, weakness in the immune system, and accumulation of toxins in the body.

Everyone, who eats potatoes, should brush his teeth well after eating them because its carbohydrates infiltrate between the teeth, a matter which leads to erosion of tooth enamel.

He denied rumors that castor oil has negative impacts on the human’s sexual abilities.

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