How to Deal with Patients on Black List

A student team from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, has received the first rank at the level of radio graduation projects in 2019 entitled “Compulsory Choice”. It is about the need for the community to accept patients on the black list.

The students explained that their project on community rejection of blacklisted patients: “AIDS – leprosy – sexual identity disorder.”

It aims to raise awareness in the Egyptian society to accept people suffering from dangerous diseases and thus change its culture, and return to the human nature, which God has gifted all human beings. The same point is urged by all religions.

The project was used by Radhi, the hero of the film “Yoam El Din”, a realistic AIDS patient, the director of the Citadel’s Leprosy and Leprosy Clinic, and the consultant of the Ether department at the Abbasid fevers hospital.

The team consists of: Ahmed Galal, Gina Raafat, Sousna Kamel, Madonna Mamdouh, Mirna Adel, under the supervision of Dr. Fatima Ahmed. The duration of the project is 7 minutes.

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