Healthy Family… ‘SEE’ New Tips for Better Life

CAIRO, Dec. 2 (SEE) – Protecting your family might be your first priority.. this is not confined to husband, and kids.. but you may regard your friends or even your work colleagues part of your family. It’s all about protecting your relationships, before or after marriage.

In this new series of pieces, ‘SEE’ intends to guide its readers to principles of protecting their relationships, having healthy and positive communication with others, especially at family.

We intend to bring you advice from experts from all over the world, but also traditional practices that will guide you through this experience of reforming your family relationship or building one from scratch.

Stay tuned for more that is to be published every other day.

Starting from tomorrow, we will get you through topics such as:

  • Selecting your partner.
  • Husband – wife (rights and duties).
  • Sons and daughters (any difference in treatment) – their most common problems and how to solve.
  • Financial problems in marriage.
  • Cheating, Jealousy or Indifference in marriage.
  • Social sites addiction or phone addiction and how this would impact your communication with your family.
  • Bringing back romance to our lives.
  • Family bond and special time.

Be sure that protecting your family or building a new one is a hard work that deserve much focus and dedication. Never let things to happen for coincidence and make sure you do all your best to live the best possible life.

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