Hawass: Farouk Hosny is Archaeological Revolution Igniter, I refused Cultural Attaché in US post for this reason!

By: Ali abu-Dashish, Taarek Refaat

CAIRO, Apr.1 (SEE)– Former culture minister Farouk Hosny signed on Sunday his new book “Hosny Remembers…A Time of Culture and Art”.

Interviewed by Author Entisar Dardir, the book is a combination of biographical, history and literary analysis based on narrator foregrounds, observing Hosny’s 23 years of service in the Ministry of Culture.

“The book is narrating the 23 years I served in the Ministry,” the former minister said, pointing out that he viewed culture as a social product that required the practical applications of philosophy.

Hosny explained that the book is not precisely an autobiography but, rather an attempt to document this period in history, noting that Dardir made a great effort to collect appropriate data.

“I was dealing with culture as a fingerprint of a specific era, that belonged to the whole society and not personal property,” Hosny added, noting that the cultural work that he produced was in the service of his country.

On his part, Archeologist Zahi Hawass said that he received a post to become a cultural attaché in the United States during the tenure of  Hosny, who requested him to reject this offer to contribute to the file of antiquities in the homeland.

“I have not seen a person, who presented an Egyptian cultural policy such as Hosny,” Hawass stressed, adding that the year a stone fell from the Sphinx statue signified the beginning of the archaeological revolution that took place in Honsny’s era.

Hawass stressed that Egypt had witnessed archaeological excavation, in that era, which was never observed earlier, pointing out that the former minister succeeded in selecting competencies to take up positions.

The book was Issued by Nahdet Misr Publishing and Distribution House.


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