GUC’s Consultative Council: Launch-Pad for Exchanging Legal Experiences bet. Cairo, Berlin 

Berlin -By: Ibrahim Eldeeb
CAIRO, Dec. 4 (SEE)- The Consultative Council of German University in Cairo organized a conference in Berlin to exchange legal experience between Germany and Egypt. Dozens of Egyptian and German judicial experts gathered in the Germany capital for the first time. The move will also improve Egypt’s educational system.
“Exchanging experiences with German veteran experts will enrich our knowledge.” Shehab, a member of the consultative council of the faculty of law at the German University in Cairo said. “Following the footsteps of successful educational models, especially from Germany, will definitely contribute to quickly boosting the development process of Egypt’s education system.”
Shehab delivered his statements while participating in the conference at the GUC headquarters.
On the other hand, former High Education Minister Mofeed Shehab stressed that Egypt is on the right path to improve the educational system. He affirmed that declaring 2019 as a year of education emphasizes the political leadership’s keenness in upgrading the education system entirely.
On his part, former Education Minister Ahmed Gamal Eddin said that the GUC is deemed as “one of the best educational entities thanks to its scientific and research capabilities.”
“The GUC owns an extraordinary faculty of law as it embraces a consultative council whose members are legal experts from Egypt and Germany,” Gamal Eddin added.
Below are the 13 German legal figures forming the GUC’s Consultative Council:
1. Prof. Dr. Gregor Bachmann, professor of law at Humboldt University of Berlin.
2. Prof. Dr. UIrich Battis, professor of law at Humboldt University of Berlin.
3. Annette Eisenhardt, judge in Berlin.
4. Guido Wolf, minister of Justice in Baden-Württemberg state, in southwest Germany bordering France and Switzerland.
5. Dr. Alexander Jannasch, judge in Berlin.
.6 Oliver Fleig, judge in Hamburg.
7. Dr. Horst Heithland, official at federal justice ministry in Berlin.
8. Prof. Dr. Michael Jaensch, professor of law at HTW University in Berlin and dean of the legal studies at the German University.
9. Dr.h.c. Stefan Kaufmann, Constitutional Court president.
10. Prof. Em. Dr. Omaia Elwan, professor of law at Heidelberg University.
11. Dr. Peter Goepfrich, member of the German Commerce and Industry Chamber.
12. Prof. Dr. Hagen Hasselbrink, professor of law at the HTW University in Berlin.

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