GUC Hosts German Law Leaders to Train Students

By: Wafaa Fayez

CAIRO, Apr. 9 (SEE)- The periodic meeting of the Consultative Council of the Faculty of Law and Legal Studies at the German University in Cairo was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Ashraf Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University, with the participation of a number of judicial leaders, professors and legal experts in Egypt and Germany.

The meeting discussed the modernization of curricula, scientific research, and practical training mechanisms in the legal fields for students of the Faculty of Law at the university.

The university also organized a panel discussion attended by a number of members of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Law, including Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, president of the Constitutional Court of Turingen and former president of the Judicial Evaluation Office in Turingen, who presented a brief talk on “German Jurisprudence” Justice and law.

Dr. Horst Hetland, Director of the Department of Justice at the Federal Ministry of Justice, gave a lecture on “The role of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection in the preparation of legislative proposals”. This was followed by a detailed lecture by Dr. Hagen Hazelbrink, a professor of law at HTW University in Berlin. He is also a lawyer and legal expert of companies, advising shareholders and comprehensive M & A transactions.

The seminar program also included the participation of Judge Annette Eisenhart in Berlin, who addressed the legislation of punishing offenders under the age of legal trial- “juvenile offenders”- and the concept of criminal law application in Germany.

On the administrative judiciary in Germany, the topic was discussed by Dr. Alexander Janach, judge of the Federal Administrative Court in Berlin. The proceedings of the seminar were concluded by a lecture by Dr. Ulrich Bates, professor of law at Humboldt University in Berlin, on the teaching of constitutional and administrative law in Germany.

The aim of these research seminars is to provide students with the opportunity to communicate with the members of the Board and provide them with the most practical skills and legal bases, enabling them to become active members of the legal profession as legal advisors, lawyers or judges. And the combination of knowledge and practical application, which enables them to deal with any local or international challenge in a theoretical and practical way, through the holding of seminars and training workshops. Holding seminars and training workshops will also help students to combine knowledge and practical application which enables them to deal with any local or international challenge in a theoretical and practical way.

It will also help them to participate in court arbitrations in order to provide students with practical experience in the real life required to start their careers as professionals, distinguishing them from their counterparts in the local and international labor markets in the fields of international commercial transactions, judicial arbitration, civil law, international public law, , drafting conventions, international trade law, and legal advice.

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