Google to Uncover Foldable Pixel Phone

Google announced its Pixel 3A on Tuesday, and confirmed it’s prototyping foldable displays. The firm is not expecting to display a folding version of its flagship Pixel phone or its cheaper Pixel 3A anytime soon.

The phones with screens that bend and hinge have been touted as the future of smartphones generating tons of hype and excitement with their ability to transform from a phone into a tablet.

Foldable Pixel phone

Ahead of its I/O developer conference, Google reported that it’s also looking into foldable tech and has been prototyping foldable displays for quite some time, according to CNET.

Mario Queiroz, who leads development of Pixel phones Google experiment, explained that prototyping foldable displays and many other new hardware technologies, and other related products won’t be offered at this time.

The real reason Google hasn’t moved forward to commercialize this idea is price. Ultimately, all of the arguments against a foldable phone based on the technology the public has seen on the Galaxy Fold come down to cost.


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