Google Celebrates 30th Anniversary of ”WWW”

By Ahmed Yasser
CAIRO, Mar.12 (SEE)-  Search engine Google is celebrating the 30th birth anniversary World Wide Web. The www we see in your browser’s address bar when you access a URL, what helps keep you tethered to your screens is barely a millennial  indeed the web is 18 years younger than email.
The web is a complex series of URLs, linked by HTTP and formatted in ”HTML”, but its abstract design makes it as simple to access as a series of interlinked webpages.
“Berners Lee”
Also, it’s a universally accepted way of accessing the internet if the internet is an invisible information superhighway the web is the magic carpet that lets you travel along the highway allowing you to comprehend everything you do and see along the way.
The internet is the global network of computers that are able to communicate with one another and dates back to the US military’s “Arpanet” developed in the 60s, and the world wide web was proposed by “Berners Lee” in the late 80s.

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