Gold Nano-Therapy Proves Efficiency in Curing Cancer: Dr. Mustafa ElSayed

By: Gehan Abo Elella , Norhan Mahmoud

CAIRO, Mar. 10 (SEE)- Gold nanoparticles used as alternative to chemotherapy have proven “significant and promising” results in treating cancer, as per Egypt’s leading Nano-Science Researcher Dr. Mustafa ElSayed.

The chemical physicist’s experiments concluded in success as a large number of animals under experiment were fully cured.

ElSayed pointed out, during a symposium at the University of Heliopolis for Sustainable Development, that a definitive cure oldie cancer has not been reached, causing the death of millions.

“Surgical procedures and chemotherapy do not eliminate cancer cells completely,” explained ElSayed. “These cells are able to escape to the rest of the body when they feel threatened, so the surgeon can not completely eradicate cancer from the body.”

According to recent statistics, half a million people die of cancer yearly. “That’s why nanotechnology is being considered for effective treatment of the disease.”

Cancer cells can not be removed from the body, but their spread can be reduced. “Raising temperature around the cells destroy their limbs and hamper their movement, leading to their relative destruction internally.”

Warmth around the cell perishes and disintegrates the limbs, thus limiting the spread of cancer in the blood and its appearance elsewhere in the body.

“Increasing temperature around cancerous cells can be achieved through injecting a solution of nano-gold particles as molecules absorb infrared light and convert it into heat.”

Meanwhile, continuous communication with the Ministry of Health is going on to review the experiment’s findings. “We respond to all inquiries, assuring that these particles do not adversely affect the body’s healthy cells. The next step is to adopt and start applying this method it to humans.”

Contrary to mainstream prospects, the cost of treatment with nanotechnology went far less than the cost of expensive and stressful chemical doses. As the dose is composed of tiny particles of gold and light.

ElSayed is the minds behind the “Nano-Cancer Therapy.” He received the American National Science Pendant for his achievements in the field of nanotechnology.

The scientist stressed that working to promote research is urgent to keep Egypt up with the developments of science internationally.

“Funding research and encouraging young people to strive in science is a prerequisite for the development and service of science in all its forms. Worth to note that Egyptians have demonstrated their skill throughout history in various fields.”



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