Global Maison, Objet in Paris Reveals Color Trends For 2019.. Dare You Apply?

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Feb. 5 (SEE) – Designers all over the world still look for the newest color trends to watch in the new year. But, what they found as most rocking are, for some people, hard to apply or use in homes.. Read the below and think if you dare to follow the newest trends in 2019!

The international design and lifestyle show in Paris showcases the hues expected to be big in furnishings and decor, recently reported.

Since 1995, the Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris has been one of the most important international gatherings for professionals in lifestyle, interiors and design. Held twice a year, the event brings together about 3,000 exhibitors and nearly 90,000 visitors, half of whom come from outside France.

Below, ‘SEE’ brings its readers a clue about what we can expect to see at the biggest decor firms suggestions, for bedding, walls and more in 2019 and beyond.

According to the report, the biggest takeaway is that this year’s trending colors are dark and saturated. Turning away from the past few years’ obsession with Scandinavian white, pastels and light-colored wood, we now plunge into a dark universe that draws on English Victorian influences.

1. Bordeaux

Houzz decor editors spotted dark wine reds to frankly purplish shades in fashion collections and expected to see more of them in interior design. Look for them on walls, velvet seats, daybeds and couches.

2. Deep Green

Already popular in 2018, green is a color people still want to see more of, especially with the growing trend of green living. Fir green, the protagonist at last year’s Maison et Objet, has given way to Brunswick green, a grayer shade that leans toward khaki.

3. Coral to Rust

Warm coral and rust shades, often matched with green for contrast, revolve around Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral, a blend of orange and pink. Other shades of pink — blush, salmon and dusty rose — and burnt orange also were widely represented at this year’s event.

4. Mustard to Curry

This warm color palette will be a good match to shades of yellow, such as antique gold, mustard, saffron, honey and turmeric to liven up the year.

Matte gold is another big trend, and we also are noticing a craze for gold-colored fixtures and brushed-brass lamps. These will add enchanting notes to homes in 2019.

5. Bright, Natural Hues

This year, neutral colors and lighter, more natural tones will run the gamut from cream and beige to shades of honey, and from siena to mouse gray.

These remain safe bets, especially in classical interiors or as contrasts to bohemian style.

6. Peacock Blue to Gray-Blue

Blue has been a strong presence in decor in recent years and has by no means left the limelight. Indeed, it tends to be the first color people dare to use when they take the plunge away from white. This year, teal, which we have seen over and over recently, has given way to the darker peacock blue.

Gray-blues with reassuring retro tones also have gained the upper hand. We also can count on seeing more ultramarine, electric navy and that vivid blue associated with artist Yves Klein.

7. Shades of Gray

Finally, black, charcoal and storm gray are sure to appear on the living room walls of the most daring decorators, making a clean break from the restrained white bases we have seen in recent years. We can see a trend for black kitchens in this movement too.

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