Global Firepower: Egypt Ranks Strongest among African, Arab Armies

By: Taarek Refaat

WASHINGTON, Dec. 22(SEE) – U.S military ranking agency Global Firepower revealed on Friday that the Egyptian army maintained its status as the strongest among African and Arab armies.

In the list of the most powerful armies in the world, Egypt came in the 12th position.

The army outperformed Iran, Pakistan, and Israel, which was ranked 16th.

Egypt’s total military personnel account for 1,329,250. The country owns 4,946 combat tanks, in addition to a cumulative aircraft strength of 1,132.

It also owns 319 Naval vessels including 2 aircraft carriers and 15,695 armored fighting vehicles.

Algeria came in the second position among Arab armies followed by Saudi Arabia, Iraqi and Syria.

The report highlighted the progress of Iraq, with the threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in its classification among the world’s strongest armies moving up 12 positions to occupy the 47th spot out of 136 countries.

The U.S topped the list of the 2018 strongest armies, followed by Russia, China, India, France, and Britain.

Ranking classification is based on numerous factors including military efficiency, the success of missions and the diversity of weapons, as well as the nuclear potential, economic assistance, and geographical factors.

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