For Safe Springtime..Here are Doctors’ Advices

During spring, seasonal allergies affects some body organs like eyes, skin and respiratory system, here are some doctors’ advices for safe transitional season.

Skin Diseases

Dr. Mohamed Farag, a dermatologist told (SEE) that dusty winds and pollens transition as a result of flowers’ blooming in this season may cause specific skin diseases to some people.

The common skin diseases in this period are Furfur; a type of skin disorder and Tinea versicolor; a fungal skin infection.

He stated that Furfur’s symptoms are represented in red rash and constant itching, while results in brown or white skin spots.

Tinea versicolor

“These skin disorders are non-communicable and they are treatable with antifungals,” he confirmed.

In order to avoid skin disorder during spring, the dermatologist advised people to wear cotton clothes besides maintaining a good personal hygiene through taking a daily shower.

For women who suffer from parched and dry skin, Farag urged them to drink sufficient amount of water throughout the day besides using proper daily face wash.

Moisturizing skin day and night and using good sun block are also very important steps to keep facial epidermis flexible and protect it from ultraviolet radiations.

Allergic Rhinitis, Lung Diseases

Dr. Hisham Abu Al Atta, a respiratory physician said that chronic allergic rhinitis and lung diseases are the most common problems in spring.

Dr. Hisham Abu Al Atta, a respiratory physician

He pointed out that symptoms of chronic allergic rhinitis are sneezing attacks especially during daytime, nasal blockage, rhinorrhea and constant itching.

Regarding lung diseases, symptoms are represented in shortness of breath, whistling sound in chest and bad cough.

These symptoms become more severe for heavy smokers and women aver the age of 40.

Sneezing attacks

The doctor advised people who have family illness history or a previous experience with any type of allergies to follow up with a competent physician during spring time in order to avoid any complications.

“In general, people shouldn’t spend much time in an opening area and if they have to, it’s preferable to cover the nose with a wet tissue to absorb any dust in air,” he stressed.

In the same context, Abu Al Atta advised people to eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits specially the ones that contain vitamin C like orange and lemon to enhance immunity system.

Eye allergies

Dr. Sameh Ibrahim, an ophthalmologist stated that eye allergies in spring cause dry, red eyes and sever itching.

Dr. Sameh Ibrahim, an ophthalmologist

In order to avoid eye seasonal allergies, he advised people to wear sunglasses at the morning besides using cold compresses and artificial tear drops for eyes when required.

“Looking to mobile phones and computer screen for a long time is undesirable as this might cause severe eye dehydration,” Ibrahim confirmed.

Eye allergies

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