For Deep Sleep..6 Rules to Design Ideal Bedroom

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 7 (SEE)- Bedroom is where you go at the end of crowded day filled with responsibilities and tasks, that’s why choosing its design carefully surely contributes to good nights and deep sleep.

Here are 6 main rules to get your ideal bedroom

Walls’ Color 
It’s preferable to use light colors like white, beige, light green and light blue, as these colors actuate relaxation and this exactly how you are supposed to feel before going to bed.

Otherwise, dark or vivid colors like orange, red, purple and dark grey stimulate muscle’s activity and affect sleep in a very bad way.

In all cases, ceiling should be in one light color to make room feels bigger and wider.

Some people don’t care enough about choosing suitable curtains for their rooms, although it’s considered a significant factor to highlight room’s style and beauty.

Room aeration 
In order to maintain a permanent wonderful atmosphere inside your room, open windows every morning to allow sun natural light and fresh air to go inside.

Artificial lighting 
This lighting variety also responsible for keeping cozy mood in the evening, so regardless the main lamp, fixing some indirect lighting systems especially those in yellow colors, is such a perfect choice.

Mono-colored curtains or others with little details keep you feel comfortable and help in sleeping well.

Wide spaces are much satisfying, and one of renowned widening tricks is “mirrors”, hence whatever your room’s space, fix one side mirror to feel bigger space and reflect natural and artificial lightings in a way that enhances room’s glow.

Cleanliness and arrangement 
No one can ever relax or even have fun in messed places where nothing set in its place; this definitely will drive you crazy, anxious and angry.

So, one important tip is to keep your room tidy and organized all the time.

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