First Lego League kicks off at BUE

By: Mai Shaheen

CAIRO, Mar.14 (SEE)- In order to consolidate the principles of work in the spirit of teamwork and the importance of scientific research among students, President of the British University (BUE) in Egypt Ahmed Hamad inaugurated on Thursday the 14th Egypt Robotics Championship First LEGO League (FLL), which will be held over three days, to explore space in partnership with the Arab Robotics Association.

Winning teams will have the opportunity to participate in the World Robot Championship in the United States, as well as representing Egypt at the Arab Robotics Championship, which is expected to be held in Jordan.

Hamad added that the BEU seeks to spread technology in the framework of schools in particular and education in general, through consolidating the values ​​of teamwork in the spirit of community, scientific research and critical thinking among students, helping them to interact collectively and create innovations, which will contribute to the development of a nation based on modern science and advanced knowledge.

Vice President for Research & Post Graduate Studies Yehia Bahei El-Din said that the competition aims at motivating the new generation towards science and technology while providing them with the skills that help them in the future market place and keep abreast of International developments.

He stressed that the educational robot has a prominent role in developing the process of education and scientific research through affording problem-solving and challenges to students, as well as qualifying them to practice the role of scientists at a young age.

Ayman Abbas, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering said that more than 1,000 students and trainers from 16 different governorates, along with 60 referees and 80 organizers participate in the competition this year.

He added that the projects aim at discovering space through 16 missions. Each team will try to find solutions in dealing with the outside world and him, noting that the closing ceremony of the championship and the announcement of the awards will take place on March 16 at the British University El-Sherouk campus. “The winning teams will participate in the World Robotics champion in Houston, Texas,” he said.


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