“Female Abducted” Book Wins Al-Alsun Translation Prize

By: Mai Shaheen and Nawal Sayed

Professor of German Literature Ola Adel, who won the Translation Prize from the faculty of Al-Alsum, Ain Shams University, said that she had imagined girls running from kidnappers so she succeeded to translate well the “Female Abducted” book.

Adel, the vice dean of the Faculty of Al-Alsun for Community Service and Environmental Development, Ain Shams University, took part in a symposium on the sideline of Cairo Book Fair.

The “Female Abducted” book was originally written in German by Wolfgang Bauer.

Adel pointed out that the book speaks about the testimonies of women who managed to escape from terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria.
She, a translator of about thirty books from and to German, explained that the documentary film of the book helped her to indulge in the depths of the events and live to play the main role of the translator to convey the scene with the utmost precision in describing events and circumstances with the utmost objectivity.

Adel noted that the book published by Dar al-Arabi publishing house depicts a picture of hell in a Nigerian forest called “Sambessa”, located in northeastern Nigeria, where Boko Haram takes refuge in.
The terrorist group heads to poor villages such as Micaika, Duhu, Jolak and Jopla, to kill, loot and abduct children and women.

The book refers to the goal of the group calling itself the “Ahlu Sunnah Group for Da’wa and Jihad”, which the world calls “Boko Haram”.
The group aims to establish a caliphate in Nigeria and cooperates with al-Qaeda in Mali and Algeria.

According to Bauer, Boko Haram members swore the allegiance to ISIS in the summer of 2014. He revealed that the group occupied one fifth of Nigeria in a few months.

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