Fearless Skydiving Above Pyramids..Extra Magic to Place

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Mar. 14 (SEE) – A fearless skydiver turned himself into a human surfboard when he swooped towards Egypt’s ancient pyramids with a friend on top, adding more magic to the thousands-old place.

According to Daily Mail which published the story, Karine Joly could be seen standing with her hands in the air as she uses friend Greg Cozier as a human surfboard as they take to the Egyptian skies.

Photographer Ewan Cowie captured the images of the pair who have previously competed with one another at various skydiving competitions.

On Karine’s Facebook page she described being able to transform your body into an aircraft as ‘something quite amazing’.

The pair performed an amazing sky tour above the pyramids as the photos reflected stunning images of the thousands-old place. 


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