Faraha El-Shennawy: ”Stem Cell Bank” Significant Future of Research, Treatment in Egypt..(Video)

By: GehanAbo El Ella and Ahmed Yasser

CAIRO, Feb .12. (SEE) – The Egyptian scholar Dr. Faraha El-Shennawy chose to specialize in immunology and tissue characteristics, which was considered as a modern science at that time. She was the first woman as Vice Dean, then the 1st woman as Dean of Mansoura University and the1st Vice president of university.

El-Shennawy, a professor of immunology and clinical pathology at Mansoura University, received more than prize from the French presidents, such as: the French Medal of ”Jacques Chirac” in 1999 and a great officer award from the current French president, which was handed to her by the French ambassador in Egypt.

*She reported about her trip from Mansoura to France;

After my return from Paris with a doctorate in 1983, I established the immunology department at Mansoura University as well as the immunology and tissue compatibility lab in the kidney center at Mansoura. I cooperated with the great scientist ”Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim”, who was the lifeline to save the thousands of patients lives.

El-Shennawy added, “I am still in the lab looking for the new, the researcher is enthusiastic about creating the new in science no matter how old he is.”

Currently, I am working on a large scientific project that is a breakthrough in the future of treatment in Egypt. It is a special establishment in ”umbilical cord stem cells”, which is the center of Mansoura University for Research and the Stem Cells Bank .

This project is funded by the ”STDF” the Academy of Scientific Research worth 10 million pounds. This achievement will be a partner in all treatments for all diseases and it goes through the research and experiments stages.

Currently, there is a marrow transplant from someone donated to another person, but the new is to extract the marrow from the umbilical cord and transplant another. ”Stem cells” are extracted from the placenta after birth and in a rapid examination and treatments, the stem cells are separated from them and kept in liquid nitrogen until it used.

Stem cells, including blood and” mesenchyma” cells that are extracted from the Jelly, like liquid that surrounds blood vessels in the umbilical cord. This material is obtained and converted to other pathways such as; a large tissue, cartilage, hepatic and heart cells to treat each disease separately.

This bank will be the 1st stem cell bank or public bank for the umbilical cord and it will be a great breakthrough in the medicine future and scientific research in Egypt, as well as a major step in the progress of university at global ranking.


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