Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Falls Down

Users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced technical problems this morning worldwide. Facebook and Instagram were both inaccessible, with news feeds refusing to refresh and the main Facebook.com domain unavailable, in addition  WhatsApp messages weren’t being sent or received. 

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp
The social media users across the globe including Pakistan have reported facing problems using services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. They say that the social media networking site won’t load on desktop or mobile devices, while others are reporting that their timelines won’t refresh.
On the other hand, analysis of worldwide network measurements across 21 Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger servers shows signs of a partial global outage in effect as of 14 April 2019. Some users were able to access the services, although availability has fallen to around 40% globally. The three social firms are investigating the likely cause of the incident.
Facebook outage reports peaked at more than 6,000, while Instagram has attracted more than 4,000 reports.
Facebook-outage map
A map on the site showed the UK, US and large areas of Europe are affected by the connection issues. Outage issues have also hit parts of Asia and to a much lesser extent, parts of the US.

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