Facebook Files Lawsuit Over Fake Accounts

By: Ahmed Yasser
CAIRO, Mar.2. (SEE)- Facebook and Instagram are sueing four companies and three people in China for creating and promoting the sale of fake accounts, likes and followers on the social networks. The firm didn’t name the companies or people it’s suing, but reported that they also promoted fake accounts on Apple, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Fake  Accounts
Facebook announced that lawsuit, which was filed in ”US federal” court, alleges that the companies and people violated US intellectual property law by illegally using Facebook and Instagram’s trademark.
The firm is asking for $100,000 in damages every for six web sites it lists within the grievance for trademark infringement, phrases of service violations and cybersquatting domains utilizing its identity.
Facebook users who want to preserve their privacy from advertisers will have to wait a little longer, which the social media giant has revealed that its ‘Clear History’ tool, first teased in the wake of it’s ”Cambridge Analytica scandal” in early 2018, will finally become available later this year.
”Clear History’ tool”  at Facebook’s F8” developer conference last May
The feature was revealed just a few months after Facebook revealed that some 87 million users data had been harvested and shared with Trump, affiliated campaign research firm Cambridge Analytica.  It was pegged as a way for users to regain some control over how their personal data is collected by Facebook.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg first described the tool in the lead up to ”Facebook’s F8” developer conference last May.  Zuckerberg  reported that  the ”Clear History” tool would function similarly to how users can erase their browser history by clicking a button.

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