ESLSCA Univ. Offers G5 Technology Related Courses

By: Mai Shaheen

CAIRO, Mar. 14 (SEE)- ESLSCA University is now offering Fifth Generation Technology courses to its students in Egypt.


Dr. Mohamed Elhennawi, President of ESLSCA, stated that the BA of Business Administration program offered by ESLSCA University Egypt is identical to the program offered by the mother University in Paris.


This program has been developed over the previous years to keep up with the requirements of the modern knowledge society accompanying the Fourth Industrial Revolution era.


ESLSCA’s BA of Business Administration program comprises of basic courses related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), in addition to courses that have not yet been offered in Egypt. Hence the university has merged the four basic science disciplines: Statistics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as well as courses tackling up-to-date concepts in the digital field.


ESLSCA will introduce curricula linked to Fifth Generation Technology; it will mark the start of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, re-ranking the leading industries worldwide. The same applies to the jobs needed in the era, as hundreds of jobs will disappear and new jobs will flourish.


Any industrial revolution must be preceded by an educational revolution, and fortunately ESLSCA is a pioneer in this field in Egypt. It combines the classical disciplines in the field of Business Administration with all the new disciplines required by the knowledge society that exists nowadays.


The new era requires all business leaders to pay great attention to the sustainable economic and social growth of their own countries which cannot be attained without using all the tools and instruments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era.


This statement has been released following the approval issued by Dr.Khaled Abdelghafar, Minister of Higher Education, to launch the BA of Business Administration program as of the academic year 2019/2020. This is in accordance to the Presidential Decree No.597, issued on the 5th of December, 2017, granting ESLSCA full accreditation and being recognized as the first acknowledged branch of a foreign university in Egypt.


The university will be the first one in the Middle East and Africa specialized in non- traditional Business Administration education. It was founded in France 1949, and having launched  its programs in Egypt in 1997, ESLSCA is recognized as the most outstanding in the fields of Masters and Doctorate of Business Administration.


ESLSCA aims to establish a center of excellence for entrepreneurs where graduates’ start-ups can benefit technically, financially and professionally. Additionally, the university’s corporate network provides students with the opportunity to join multinational organizations as interns, and later on as full-time employees. It has a worldwide alumni network exceeding 22,000 graduates, of which 6000 graduated from Egypt and hold prominent positions in their companies.

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