Encore, Yellow Vests Protests Set France on Fire

By: Norhan Mahmoud 

PARIS, Mar. 16 (SEE)- Raging French demonstrators have once again blazed Paris’s streets with flames and chaffing cries, inimical to President Emmanuel Macron. 

For hours, the city’s deluxe avenue Champs-Elysees was the scene of infernos and kindling buildings. As per the AFP, riots led to the burning of a bank, enkindling eleven casualties including two firefighters. 

Mediated footage also viewed news stands, kiosks and a high-end brand store ablaze.

The French police opted for tear gas and water cannons to split up the yellow vest recent movement. Yet, their attempt was roughly futile, albeit arresting tens of demonstrators. 

Almost 10,000 protestors went on rampage in Paris as well as 4,500 protestors across the European country, of which 1,500 are “ultra-violent,” according to France’s Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. 

Mr. Castaner said that protesters surely are on the streets to sow chaos in Paris. He assured, through twitter, that his directing to policemen was to respond promptly with the utmost firmness to these inadmissible attacks. 

“The @PompiersParis and our police forces have just evacuated all the inhabitants of a building, deliberately set on fire,” wrote Castaner in another tweet. “The fire is under control. The individuals who committed this act are neither protesters nor rioters: they are murderers.”

The protests have been going on for four months ignited by schemes suggesting an increase in petrol taxes. Later on, criticism of economic injustice favoring the wealthy topped the “gilet jaune” objection list.

Despite all condemnations, the vast majority of protestors walkout peacefully as they reclaim their demands.


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