Egypt’s Cinema Achieves Public Satisfaction in 2018

By: Nour Elhoda Fouad and Ahmed Yasser

CAIRO, Dec.30 (SEE)-  A number of Egyptian films achieved the difficult equation by pleasing the audience, critics and good presence in the artistic forums, prizes, nominations, stirring controversy and experience of distinctive cinema colors the best films comes with the quality standards of work and awards as well as the opinions of critics and filmmakers in Egypt and world. Here are the most important movies.

1- Youm El Din
”Youm El Din” film received great interest locally and internationally, not only for discussing a major humanitarian issue such as; the colony of leprosy and being subjected to social oppression and ostracism, as the case with many marginalized groups. It was the first work for its director and Egyptian-Austrian ” Abu Bakr Shawki” which was classified as an independent work, the Egyptian film competed in the official competition of ”Cannes Festival”.
It was awarded the ”Francois Chalet Prize”; it won three prizes at the ”Valladolid Festival in Spain” and the best film in ”El Gouna”; it won the humanitarian film award, also screened at many festivals such as; ”Marrakech” festival and Cairo International Film festival. The film achieved one million pounds revenue.

Youm El Din

2- Diamond dust
”Diamond Dust”, the film was taken from Ahmed Murad novel’s . The challenge was between the novel and its cinematic translation, and what cinema can add to the film from magic which is preserved by many readers of ”Ahmed Murad”, especially after the novel is considered among the top 40 popular novels in the world.
The story revolves around the mysterious murder revealed through the memoirs. The film’s stars are: Aasr Yassin, Menna Shalabi, Majid Alkdwani, Sherin Reda, Iyad Nassar, Mohammed Mamdouh, Sabreen, Mohamed Charnopi, Tara Imad and Baumi Fuoad .The film directed by “Marwan Hamed” and the best actor of ”Majid El-Kadwani”, It also featured in the ”Khartoum Film Festival”.

Diamond dust

3- Harb krmwz
“Harb krmwz” is distinguished by the elements of power collected from action, drama, battles, history and strengthening the idea of historical hero and the defense of honor in a national epic form missed by the Egyptian cinema of years. The story is about occupation of England and the exposure of an Egyptian girl raped by English soldiers.

The girl escaped to take refuge in the Karamoz police station and the department commander stands in a confrontation with his principles and patriotism, in addition to the diversity of work figures created by the writer and author ”Peter Mimi” in a professional drawing.

Harb krmwz

4- Poisonous flowers
The film, which was honored by Cairo International Film Festival, managed to win three awards such as; United Nations Youth Award, Salah Abu Seif Award and the best Arab film Award of $ 15,000.

Some of the films that depict the lives of slums and popular places and what is happening there because of ignorance and poverty in a realistic way are considered offensive and exaggerated, but “poisoned” has enjoyed the privilege it directed by ”Ahmed Fawzi”, where he tells about a cleaning worker and her brother who plans to immigrate illegally to ”Italy”. The film’s star is ”Mahmoud Hamida”, actress ”Cokoki” and ”Safaa Toukhi”.

The film has received international acclaim, including the ”Best Film Award at the African Film Festival in Spain” and the official competition at ”Rotterdam Festival” in ”Hulanda”, as well as the ”Sao Paulo Festival”.

Poisonous flowers

5-layl kharijiun
The latest film in the Egyptian cinemas has been shown to the public for a few days after its competition at the ”Torrento International Film Festival” and it have also been shown in the ”Stockholm Festival” with good reviews from critics as well as the best actor prize of the international competition for ”Sherif Desouki” the driver of taxi, the third rib in the characters of film with the character of the young director who dreams of fame and success played by ”Karim Qassem” and the personality of night girl, which was embodied by ”Mona Hala”.

The story revolves throughout 24 hours in the streets of Cairo, especially its distinctive nightlife and its reflection on each character according to the background of each of them. Despite the evocation of the spirit of film “Hot night” for those watching the film similar to some details of the two work but the critical opinions confirm their differences altogether. The movie is expected to be popular on future TV shows.

layl kharijiun

6 – Talaq Sanaei
Is the first experience of director “Khaled Diab” It seems that the first experience of the directors was a feature this year, and the film presents a comical comedy political combination, starring Majid El-Kadwani, Horya Farghali and Mai Kassab.

The ”American Embassy” in Cairo is about the desire of an Egyptian citizen to travel with his pregnant wife to America to enable the new born to acquire US citizenship and privileges; then became a criminal detained and threatens the embassy staff to implement his request in a comic form. The film featured in ”Dubai Film Festival” and in the ”Cairo International Film Festival” during the Panorama Group.

Talaq Sanaei

7 -Blash Tabbosni
“Blach Teposni” film earned good revenues in Egypt, but it has been very successful in Tunisia, Morocco, Dubai, Lebanon and Sweden cinemas on the summer performances of the ”Malmo Festival”.

It has featured in Dubai Film Festival, Arab Film Festival in Paris, Shanghai Film Festival, Lebanese Jounieh Festival, Tripoli Festival and Miami Festival in America.

The work is based on the concept of clean cinema and the prevention of kisses, through a completely new mold on Egyptian cinema. The conflict over how the film was performed presents dialogues in the form of a documentary by Muhammad Khan and Khairi Bishara with their real characters.

Blash Tabbosni

8- Heart his mother
Despite the inclusion of ” Heart his mother” in the commercial films and non-discrimination in the show during the important and global cinema events, but what distinguishes that comedy is its superiority over the rest of the comedy films that earned revenues in Egypt, according to the critics and filmmakers.

In addition to the audience who chose to watch the latest films of ”Chico and Hisham Majid” because they have a comic history that respects the mind of viewer and presents him a funny meal in a strong mold and a distinctive idea .
The film reported a relatively philosophical idea the memory of human organs when they move from one person to another, after a doctor has to move an old lady’s heart to a criminal body and gang leader, creating comedy paradoxes and testing new feelings for the viewer.

Heart his mother

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