Egypt Fights High Divorce Rates through “Mawadda”

Egyptian government has recently launched “Mawadda” project to fight high divorce rates.

The project’s name means affection and this step was taken after divorce rates reached more than 198,000 cases in 2017.

Throughout this awareness campaign, university students would get the chance of picking their right partners after graduation.

By 2020, the campaign is supposed to target 800,000 of university students.

At a later stage, students will have a compulsory subject about how to handle a successful marriage.

On his part, Amr Othman, the manager of “Mawadda” at the Social Solidarity Ministry, said that targeting people before getting married is the only way to solve divorce problems.

In line with the project, students at Cairo University acted a skit about the most common problems between a married couple.

Students at Cairo University while acting the skit
Students at Cairo University while acting the skit

The first scene of the skit  was an angry husband who has just returned  back home from work and found a messy home, unready dinner.

On the other hand, the wife was sweeping the floor while the food is in the stove.

After the end of the skit, students and teachers expressed their views on how both spouses should’ve behaved to avoid problems.

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