Egypt, WFP to Fight Hunger in Africa

By: Norhan Mahmoud

CAIRO, Dec. 17 (SEE)- The United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) signed an agreement with the Egyptian government to support all of the neighboring and African countries to reach the Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Zero Hunger’ in celebration of 50 years in Egypt.

In an official statement, WFP said that the agreement states that both parties will share and expand their expertise on interventions in areas such as water management, nutrition, diversification of livelihoods and increased agricultural productivity.

“As we prepare to chair the African Union in 2019, we are determined to take our strategic partnership with the United Nations and its specialized agencies to new levels,” said Assistant Foreign Minister for Multilateral Affairs and International SecurityAmbassador Ehab Fawzy in the statement.

WFP’s Center “Luxor Coordination Center for Knowledge Sharing and Innovation to Promote Resilience in Upper Egypt” is set to support the agreement through facilitating knowledge-exchange activities, providing diverse and proven national expertise on development interventions.

“WFP and Egypt’s longstanding partnership is deeply rooted on a history of thriving cooperation and mutual understanding,” said WFP Representative and Country Director in Egypt Menghestab Haile.

Haile noted that WFP is a committed to assist the government in achieving the 2030 Agenda, through  “positioning of Egypt as a key actor for regional cooperation.”

WFP’s Senior Director for Strategic Coordination and Support, Stanlake Samkange and H.E. Ehab Fawzy Signing the Agreement

The agreement was signed by WFP’s Senior Director for Strategic Coordination and Support, Stanlake Samkange and H.E. Ehab Fawzy during a joint anniversary celebration held by WFP and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I’m proud to witness WFP and the Government of Egypt take this direction towards expanding technical and learning experience with other developing countries,” said Dr. Samkange in the statement. “This is a great opportunity to showcase Egypt and WFP’s many success stories and contribute to the development aspirations of Africa as whole.”

“WFP has been in Egypt since 1968, working with the government to respond to humanitarian needs and tackle the underlying causes of vulnerability to food insecurity and malnutrition in the country,” as per the statement.

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