Egypt Participates in Wikipedia Competition

By: Nour Elhoda Fouad and Ahmed Yasser

CAIRO, Dec.29 (SEE)- ”Wikipedia” photo competition named “Wiki Loves Monuments”, announced 15 selected images, including the first three. First the Sheikh Lutif Allah Mosque from Iran, second is the mountain architecture in the city of Petra in Jordan, third ”Gloucester Cathedral” in the UK, while 8 Egyptian photos winning as best pictures locally.

Wikipedia Competition

The Egyptian photos included according to the ranking; a photo of ”Dir Samaan El-Kharraz” by artist Mohamed Abd El-Zaher and a photo of ”Orabi” castle by Dr. Tarek Heikal, as well as the monastery of ”Paula” by the Ahmed Yousif Mahfouz, also a picture of ”Ahmed Ibn Tulun” mosque and the Egyptian-Russian friendship photo by artist Sherif. In addition to a a picture of “El Qanater El Khayreya”by the winner of first prize in the European Union photography competition by Mohammed El-Wardani and the ”temple of Abu Simbel” by Ahmed Imad.

‘Gloucester Cathedral’

Mohammed Odeh, a senior official at ”Wikis Egypt”, reported that last year’s prizes for the local competition were $ 350 for the first place, $ 200 for the second and $ 100 for the third. The selection of winning pictures depends on the technical aspects of the participating images traditionally and it is expected to set a date for celebration of winners and deliverance of prizes.

‘temple of Abu Simbel’

“Wiki Loves Monuments”, an annual competition that deals with historical landmarks started in 2010 in Holland, then evolved to include all the world, organized by the site’s volunteers and classified as one of the most important photography competitions in the world by the ”Guinness Encyclopedia”.

Wikipedia Competition

The subscription to competition depends on the site’s image store known as “Wikipedia Commons” and the involved images through the account of image owner as well as the image purity and high quality must be contain the recorded cultural information.

The photos were introduced in September, then sorting begun and ten images per participating countries were choose. An international panel will select top 10 of them. The top three winners will receive a non-fixed value prize.

Wikipedia Competition

Over 447 countries from around the world competed in this year’s competition, including 8 Arab countries: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco and Algeria, as well as 42 other countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Iran, Israel, Russia, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates.

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