ECU Cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong in Modern Chinese Medicine

The Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) signed a contract with Shanghai Jiaotong in modern Chinese medicine, students and teacher assistants’ exchange, and continuous training program for physical therapy students.

The president of ECU Ashraf Al- Shihi

The president of ECU Ashraf Al- Shihi said that the international conference attaches importance to Chinese and Egyptian presidents’ visions aiming to improve people’s health.

Al-Shihi added that Egypt is witnessing important period in President El-Sisi era especially in education and health field.

ECU trustees’ board president Karima Abd Al-Karim said that this conference reflected the university’s interest in strengthening its scientific capacity by supporting scientific activities in the university. These activities seek to recruit scientists to benefit from what the new technology has achieved in modern medicine field.

On the other hand, the dean of physical therapy college Sami Nasif said that the Chinese and Occupational medicine international conference is considered as the beginning of the close cooperation between the two universities. He said this cooperation will strengthen the relations between Egypt and China.

According to Nasif, this conference strives to improve human body function, use the best techniques in modern and Chinese medicine and bring together both China and Egypt.

The dean pointed out that this conference is striving to bring together human medicine, dentistry and physical therapy colleges.

Health institute director at Shanghai Jiaotong University Bao Yong said, “Our era is witnessing dramatic changes, every one seeks the best future in many fields like culture and medical fields.”

He said also the university followed new strategy blending with with the Chinese president initiative “The belt and the road.” The result of this initiative was establishing a medicine academy with high standards.

It worth noting that the conference would last for 2 days: it will include 25 lectures and 3 scientific research papers. Many foreign and Egyptian scientists will take part in the conference.

Contributed by Menna Seliem

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