Dr. Shaker Invents Laser Machine for National Projects

By Ibrahim Eldeeb  and Salma Yassin

CAIRO, March 11(SEE)-Doctor Ahmed Shaker, an Egyptian member in the Canadian Remote Sensing Association, managed to develop a laser machine to scan large areas for national projects.

This machine uses satellites in drawing accurate maps for seabed and other dry areas.

The only problem faced by Dr. Shaker was that some lands lack clear features which drove him to develop a device that can work for all lands.

This technique helps fishermen to determine places of fish aggregates besides signs of climate changes.

Also, the invention will help countries to easily scan large land areas before constructing agricultural national projects.

Egypt has already benefited from this machine while implementing “Toshka” project.

On the other hand, China, which is rich in huge desert lands with no specific milestones, used this technique while constructing one of its national projects.

Dr. Shaker told (SEE) that his scientific journey started from studying Geometrics at Hong Kong University in china after getting a scholarship to do PhD in remote sensing. After that, he traveled to Canada to continue his further studies.

He confirmed that Canadian government is totally aware of research value and tends to spend a lot on conducting them.

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