Dates Pudding.. Flavorful Delicious Dessert  

Dates flavor is here in a new guise; it’s mixed with milk, starch and cream to get a pretty delicious cool pudding.

This recipe can be eaten after Sohour or Iftar. It has numerous nutritional benefits after a long fasting period.


1 ½ cups soft dates

1 cup hot milk

2 cups cold milk

4 tbsp starch

2 tbsp sugar

½ tsp powdered mastic

½ powdered cardamom

1 tbsp blossom water

1 cup cream


Soak dates in hot milk and set for minutes.

In a mixer, add cold milk, starch, sugar, mastic and cardamom then stir all components well.

Add the soaked dates with hot milk in the mixer and mix all together.

Strain the mixture in a pan set on a medium heat.

After it boils, add 1 tbsp of blossom water and 1 cup of cream and stir for 2  more minutes.

Turn off the fire and pour the mixture immediately in small bowls then let them cool.

Chill the pudding for an hour, then garnish them by adding some nuts and dates on the top.

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