Culture Ministry Launches Ramadan Activities

By: Nour El-hoda Fouad, Ali Abu-Dashish

The Ministry of Culture succeeded in mobilizing thousands of citizens in the inauguration of its artistic activities in “Hal Hilalak” Ramadan Tent organized by the Cultural Production Sector. The sector is headed by Khaled Galal.

Khaled Galal with Mahmoud Al-Tuhami
Khaled Galal with Mahmoud Al-Tuhami

The events started with presenting the immortal artistic heritage works “Al Lila Al Kabira” by late Salah Jahin and Sayed Makkawi; this operetta was directed by the late Salah Al-Sakka and produced by the theater’s artistic house headed by director Ismail Mokhtar.

artistic workshop

This was followed by presenting the activities of the artistic workshops that attracted children. These workshops aim at developing their artistic and creative abilities by teaching them drawing, coloring and lanterns making.

On the other hand, the Art House for the Folk and Arts Performance headed by the artist Adel Abdo, presented sections of the national circus stars showing series of artistic games that brought joy to the audience.

Then the first night was concluded by a concert of religious recital in the love of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and another recital by the mystic vocalist Mahmoud Al-Tuhami who emphasized Islam’s tolerance and moral ethics.

Al Lila Al Kabira
the national circus,s show
the mystic vocalist Mahmoud Al-Tuhami

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