Culture Min. Increase Value of Cairo International Prize for Arab Fiction Creativity

Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture announced the increase of the prize of the 7th Cairo International Forum for Arab Fiction Creativity forum to 250 thousand pounds, in addition to publishing of the forum’s whole work.
The forum was organized by the Supreme Council of Culture, headed by Dr. Said El Masri.

The forum, entitled “The Novel In The Information Age” will last for five days until 24 April. It was attended by Dr. Jaber Asfour, critics, and more than 260 Egyptian and Arab writers.

Abdel Dayem dedicated this edition to the famous Sudanese novelist Tayeb Saleh, who enriched the art of Arabic novel, stressing the determination to continue to organize the forum on time.

The forum has creative participations and it brings together the great writers on the local and regional level. The participations aim at discussing and highlighting the features of Arab thought, hopes and aspirations.

In addition to proposing new treatments for the challenges and issues facing our country, she pointed out that the art of novel is one of the distinctive forms of the literary genres, which carries messages of conscience that deal with life in all its aspects in an elegant and eloquent manner. She also pointed out that it acts as a tool for education, knowledge and development of awareness.
On his part, Dr. Masri said that the forum is a new platform for spreading novel creativity and critical research.
He expressed his happiness with the large number of applications of participation from all Arab countries, stressing on achieving the good representation of all the kinds and trends of the art of novel, with good participation of creators from different generations.

On the other hand, Dr. Asfour said that the birth idea of the forum came 20 years ago during the preparation for the celebration of Najib Mahfouz receiving Nobel Prize – the prize that publicized and translated the Arabic novel into different languages.

Saeed Yakteen delivered the speech on behalf of the novelists and participants. He stressed that the topics of the forum in this edition reflect the evolution of the novel’s art, its adaptation to the modern changes, renewing and the contemporizing treatment of our issues.

The 7th Cairo International forum for Arab Novelist Creativity presents many events, meetings and round tables discussing major topics. It included “The amazing progress in the sciences of communication and the novel”, “the transformation of communication tools into novel material”, “the impact of information platform on novel construction”,”the impact of modern media on the novel of science fiction and fantasy,” novel and overlap”, “The Arab Novel in the Age of the Image – Graphic Novel”, “The Experimental Features in the Modern Arabic Novel”, “The Future of Narration”, “Arts in the Arab Novel”, “Criticism and Transformations of Narration in the Arab Novel”, ” The present and future questions in the modern Arabic novel”, “the transformations of the narrative language in the modern Arabic novel”, “the literature of Al-Tayeb Saleh ” and others.
It is worthy of note that the minister of culture has issued a decision to form a scientific committee to prepare the seventh Edition of the forum under the supervision of the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Culture by Dr. Jaber Asfour and other members: Ibrahim Abdel Majeed, Osman Osman, Dr. Hussein Hamouda, Dr. Khairy Duma, Saeed Salem, and the writer Yusuf al-Qaid.

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