‘Crystal Mountain’ Gateway to Precious Places in Egypt

Crystal Mountain Egypt is a ridge that forms between Bahariya  and Farafra Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. This ridge includes a unique structure, it is made entirely of calcite crystal that combines altogether to create a striking ridge standing up out of the desert.
calcite crystal
The origin of this Crystal Mountain is interesting, the hill was opened during works at the road from Farafra to the Bahariya oasis and destroyed in part. The  mountain stands on the very edge of the of the White Desert , and soon the black iron and basalt pebbles give way to the sand blown chalk formations.
The ridge formed the crystals that have almost an oblong or square like shape. If they were green, these groupings would look very much like Kryptonite of Superman fame. However, these crystals are clear or cloudy white.
Crystals  Cloudy White
Crystal Mountain is considered a small natural arch in the rock and the glittering calcite crystal walls make it a perfect place to pose for photos. This is what geologists call an exhumed cave or a cave complete with stalagmites and stalactites.
Crystal Mountain in Farafra Oasis
Farafra Oasis is the starting point for many interesting tours to the White Desert, Black Desert, water wells and Crystal Mountain. Also, it is a gateway to precious places such as; Farafra Palace, Qaser Abu Onkar, ruins of a Roman temple and some other ancient rock cut tombs. It is one of the most secluded places in all of Egypt with clean air, captivating scenes, and plenty of cultures.
Its western section holds ancient sites, such as; White Valley, which is the most visited place in Farafra Oasis.
Black Desert
In addition to, far way 500km from Cairo, the White Desert forms part of the Western Desert of Egypt, an expanse of sand that is also part of the Sahara that swathes right across North Africa. Also, the Black Desert which consists of mountains formed primarily of numerous volcanoes and small black stones. But the most important landmark is Crystal Mountain, which is an important part of the beautiful landscape of the oasis.
Black Desert

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