Coca Chanel.. Revolutionary Designer Still Affecting Our Daily Lifestyle

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 4 (SEE)- “In order to be indispensable you have to be different”, it was one of empowering quotes of Coca Chanel; the late French fashion designer who built a leading brand still affecting people’s daily life styles.

It’s amazing knowing that Coca wasn’t an expert but she was such an ambitious kind of woman who thought out of the box to finally come up with unique, simple, and elegant ideas that well-served global fashion.

A bit tough but worthy experience and a role model that women everywhere have to consider, here’s the start of the journey

Orphan child

Coca was born in France in 1883, and at age of 12, she had her mother passed away and dad travelled abroad leaving her totally alone.

After reaching 6 years, Coca suffered her hard days in an orphanage, but she was keen on learning sewing during holidays.

Seeking escape

She wasn’t feeling good anyway, that’s why she decided to strive to putting an end to her poverty and have her own experience in world of luxuriance.

Nightclub singer

In one of the city’s nightclubs, she worked as a singer and got her neck name “Coca”, but regretfully she hasn’t achieved any noticeable success.

Switching career

After failure in singing, she started to engage in sewing as a profession and worked at one of French fashion houses in 1909.

A year later, she was able to produce distinct hats, and with the help of her rich friends, she inaugurated her first hat store in Paris.

Women sportswear

In 1913, Chanel decided to take a step forward by designing simple, elegant and practical women sportswear away from traditional ones in market.

This second kind of production was adored by women and resulted in a huge fashion revolution which finally drove her to open her second store in Deauville town.

Lifestyle alteration

The French designer was the one who enrolled Jackets, pants and ties in women wear, to be the most essential formal cloth items for almost all women in many countries till this moment.

Furthermore, she managed to change people’s conception about black color; which was worn only in sad occasions. Since she published her first designed-black-dress photo attached by a commented “everyone should wear that dress” in 1926, black dresses became the most elegant and stylish ones among all.

Perfumes & jewelry

In a new other step reflects Coca’s passion and unlimited ambitious, she launched her new perfume and jewelry production line.

“Chanel number 5” was her first product that achieved huge sales rate in a blink of an eye.

All items were simple and luxury so that no one can resist his/her desire to buy. And in 1932, other new store was opened by Coca.

Hollywood stars’ designer

After Chanel gained an awesome popularity not only in France but also in The United States and Europe communities, she received a great offer in 1931 to design Hollywood stars’ costumes.

Some famous actresses who wore Coca Chanel designs are Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Gloria Swanson.

Famous figure

In the 20th century, her name appeared in “Time” magazine as one out of 100 most effective characters worldwide.

She passed away in 1971 but after opening more than 200 stores in different countries and leaving her distinct fingerprint in fashion industry.

In 2003, the Writer Chris Greenhalgh issued his “Coco and Igor” novel which narrated the real-life affair between Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, and later converted in to a movie.

Other children book about Coca’s childhood which focused on her successful story in world of fashion was issued in 2008 and entitled “Different Like Coca”

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