Xmas Celebrations Kick Off with Christmas European Charity Bazaar (Photos)

By: Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

CAIRO, Dec. 11 (SEE) – Christmas European Charity Bazaar was celebrated on 8 December at the Conrad Cairo Hotel, Egypt.
The bazaar is an annual event that takes place every December. European embassies in Cairo exhibit their traditional products. Profits are donated to different charity associations, schools, and orphanages in Cairo and Upper Egypt.

Digging deeper, the bazaar is a chance for the participating countries to promote their cultures. For example, in Montenegro’s case, as it does not have an embassy in Egypt, this is almost the only chance to advertise the country and its culture.

Twenty-one embassies were present at the 2018’s event including: Georgia, Switzerland, Serbia, Finland, Latvia, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, and Slovakia.

Many of these embassies utilized the opportunity to promote tourism in favor of their countries, such as: Estonia, Lithuania, and Montenegro.

If you had visited the bazaar, you would have wondered whether to taste Greek souvlaki, Swiss raclette and fondue, Slovenian honey, Spanish paella, Russian seafood, Italian baked products, or Serbian traditional food.

With an entry ticket that costs 50 EGP, the bazaar was a gate to tour Europe in one day. In 2019, do not miss visiting the Christmas European Charity Bazaar!

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