BMW to Uncover Electric Version in 2021

BMW are yet to reveal full information on the iNEXT’s performance, range and powertrain but the firm discussed its next-generation electric drivetrain and platform plans before.

iNEXT version will be launched in 2021;  it  will be one of the first vehicles on BMW’s common platform capable of supporting petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid and fully electric power trains.

Despite the heavily camouflaged front and rear end of the i5iNEXT, one can more or less clearly see the slim LED headlights which are evocative of the current i8. In addition, it displays the general roofline and overall shape of the upcoming crossover.

Also, a maximum battery size of 120kWh will give it a support, claimed to enable an official range of 435 miles on a single charge in that particular model.

It has traditional door mirrors and a pair of cameras, one facing forward and one backward which in combination with a selection of radars, lidars, cameras, GPS antennas and an external microphone, which enable the iNext to drive with level 3 autonomous ability.


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