Between Healthy Heart, Kidney Stones’ Formation.. How to Eat Dark Chocolate Properly?

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Jan. 31 (SEE)-
As milk and white chocolates are rich enough in fats and sugar, many people tend to depend on dark one which can be either an ideal choice for keeping healthy heart or a hell forming kidney stones if over consumed.

Head of Nutrition Education Unit in The National Institute of Nutrition Dr. Magdy Nazih said that, dark chocolate contains nutritional elements necessary for strengthening heart muscles.

“Also, it has a magical effect on keeping the integrity of blood vessels if eaten sparingly”, he added.

Regarding the beneficial daily dose of dark chocolate, Dr Nazih confirmed all people should eat 2 cubic centimeter maximum per day.

The doctor warned of chocolate’s over consumption, as it contains saturated fats that may increase body’s fatty acids and cause arteries’ clogging.

Furthermore, Dr. Nazih urged people not to eat dark chocolate with other foods or beverages containing Calcium like; milk products, tahini, and watercress.

He clarified that combining both Oxalic Acids, in dark chocolate, with Calcium, leads directly to kidney stones formation.

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