Best Destinations for Cold Winter Vacations

By: Ahmed Yasser

CAIRO, Dec.26 (SEE)- There are plenty of places to visit it in Egypt during winter holidays. Egypt is home to the most serene destinations in the world, some of which are more popular now than others.

*White Desert in Farafra
White Desert is located 45km north of Farafra and named White desert thanks to the white to cream colored rock formations in the shape of giant mushrooms or pebbles. It is a 300m protectorate where people enjoy safaris and camping in the midst of desert.

Formed by centuries of erosion and sandstorms these unique calcium rock formations crop up across the landscape like great abstract statues. Some that resemble food have been given names such as: “mushroom” and “ice cream cone” while others have inspired more grandiose designations like the ”Monolith” and “Inselberg”.

White Desert

*El-Golf El-Kebir in Western Desert

El-Golf El-Kebir is a sandstone plateau in El-Wadi El-Gedid at the remote southwest corner of the Western Desert and southeast of Libya. It is known for its rugged beauty, remoteness, geological nature, dramatic cliff paintings, and rock carvings that showcase a human and animal life that once existed in this area.

El-Golf El-Kebir

*Ras Muhammed in Sharm El-Sheikh

Ras Muhammed is Egypt’s most famous national park, diving spot and among the most known diving sites in the world. Beside its crystal clear waters ”Ras Muhammad” witnesses the annual migration of several marine species in addition to stunning mangroves and coral reefs with a diversity of vertebrate and invertebrate species.

Ras Muhammed


Aswan is definitely a unique holiday destination in Egypt. The city is rich with Nubian culture and beautiful scenes of nature with several museums and temples, it’s also a great place to learn about Ancient Egypt.

The best way to enjoy Aswan is to meet with the locals and the right people and places to know more about the wonderful region and its past.

“West Suhail” in Aswan is the Nubian region famous for its colorful old houses. Throughout this region, Nubians embodied the ancient Nubian heritage in a simple and wonderful way.


*Siwa Oasis

Siwa is unlike any place you find in Egypt. You can enjoy relaxing in the hot springs and a natural Jacuzzi which is a lot more tranquilizing. The locals there are extremely friendly and they will do everything they can to make sure you are comfortable. The trip is expensive but totally worth it.

Siwa Oasis

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