Belgian King Tries to Enter Sphinx’s Secret Tunnel

By Ali Abu Dashish

CAIRO, Jan. 6 (SEE) –Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass accompanied the King of Belgium Philippe, his wife Queen Mathilde, and their sons Elizabeth, Gabriel, and Emanuel, in a visit that lasted four days to Egypt’s monumental sites. The royal family visited Luxor, Aswan, Pyramids and Sphinx.

Hawass accompanied the royal family to the Valley of the Kings’ excavations. They visited the place where Hawass is looking for the tombs of Ramses VII’s tomb. They also went to the tomb of Thutmose II (Queen Hatshepsut’s husband), the third site next to Ramses III’s tomb, Tutankhamen’s tomb, Ramses VI’s tomb, Seti I’s tomb. Worth noting is that the Valley of the Kings’ western part includes Amenhotep III’s tomb, King Ay’s tomb.King Philippe and Queen Mathilde went to the western part of the Valley of the Kings’ excavations, where Hawass is searching for the tomb of Tutankhamen’s wife (Ankh As An Amen).

The family was delighted and the King Philippe told Hawass that if they reveal a new tomb at the Valley of the Kings, the King is going to visit Egypt to enter this tomb.

“I convinced the royal family that their visit to Egypt would not be complete without going to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. So it was their first time to visit these monumental icons,” comenetd Hawass in this regard. At the end of the visit, they went to the basement discovered at the Sphinx’s backside. This is the first time for a king to visit this basement.

The King invited Hawass for dinner at the Winter Palace Hotel with the family. Hawass gave the King his book about the nobles’ tombs at the Luxor’s west bank. He also gave his children two books. He also gave a copy of his hat to the king who was keen on wearing it during the visit.

“The royal Family’s visit to Egypt is very important to promote tourism in Egypt as it confirms it is a safe place,” Hawass mentioned. The visit was to spend Christmas vacations.

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