Bedroom Cinema Opens Doors in Switzerland

New bedroom cinema with the first-of-its-kind entertaining feature opened its doors in the municipality of Spreitenbach in Switzerland.

Since Monday, people world-wide have been wondering whether all cinemas will follow this trend in the future.

Instead of normal chairs, comfy bedrooms are now available at Pathe cinema and spectators can enjoy their preferable movies while laying on beds.

This new stuff surely makes them feel as if they are at home.

CEO of Pathe cinema stated that 11 double beds are available only at the VIP hall.

The ticket costs 49 francs (48 dollars); food and drinks are included. On the other hand, the ticket’s for normal chair-halls costs 19.5 francs (19 dollars).

This kind of new cinema mainly attracts the kind of people who prefer watching movies at home via Netflix and Amazon.

The cinema’s management stressed the importance of changing beds’ sheets and covers at the end of every movie in order to maintain cleanliness.

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