Beauty of Dark Skin

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, March 11 (SEE)- People with light skin might be pretty and bright, but those with the dark one are more attractive and catchy.

High viewing rates of brown-skinned kids and adults on social media are such sufficient evidence on how tanned skin, with unique facial features, are closer to natural paintings with wonderful harmonized colors.

Brownish baby boy with blue eyes

Characteristics of Dark skin

Dark skin cells produce high mount of melanin pigment, especially eumelanin, that determines skin, hair and eye colors.

Also more melanosomes percentage provides superior protection against deleterious effects of sun’s ultraviolet radiation and keeps skin away from cancer.

baby girl with lovely colorful braids and green eyesThese natural protection factors don’t ever mean full prevention; as brownish people are preferable to be sparingly exposed to sun while covering their epidermis with suitable sun block.

One other great advantage of dark skin is that it’s more hydrated and less prone to dryness and wrinkles if compared to light ones.

Young lady with purple dyed hair and glowing skinBut eventually, brownish skin is like other skin types that needs suitable daily routine to maximize its advantages and keeps it clear, glowing and gorgeous.

Tanned baby boy with awesome round black eyes and golden dark skin

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