Balloons, Plastic Water Bottles Banned in Australia

A national council at Sydney city in Australia prohibited the use of kids’ balloons and plastic water bottles, in order to lessen the amount of waste plastics that are used only once.

The move came after the country adopted “Single Use Plastic Policy” act on April 8th.

This new law urges residents of Sydney to depend on degradable products instead of plastics.

Jane Smith, one of the council’s members was happy by the new law that will drive people in Australia to contribute in protecting the environment and learn how to use safe alternative products.

However, Lisa Matthews, a member of the Council objected the latest law as it didn’t provide any alternatives especially for plastic water bottles.

“Water fountains should’ve been established before setting such law,” she denounced.

Matthews also clarified that this new decision will result in financial losses to sport clubs.

“It was better to teach people how to get rid of their wastes in a way that doesn’t harm the environment instead of completely banning them,” she added.

It is worth mentioning that plastic is the most commonly used material in manufacturing so many products world-wide.

This material is easy to be derived from petroleum, natural gas and characterized due to its light weight, but it’s the most harmful material to the environment.

The reason is that, plastic is not a biodegradable material so it remains in the environment for endless period of time, causing a real disaster on the long run.

waste plastics
waste plastics

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