Bad News For Coffee Lovers..”Global Warming” Threatens Beans’ Farming

By Salma Yassin 

CAIRO, Jan. 28 (SEE)-
Unfortunately, a recent joint research between researchers in The United Kingdom (UK) and Ethiopia revealed that, 60% of world-wide coffee species are on their way to disappear.

It’s really hard for coffee lovers to imagine mornings without a cup of coffee that brings them awake, attentive and able to survive stress and hard times they pass through, but this how global warming affects nature.

Global media outlets expressed concerns that, climate change, dryness and plant diseases threaten coffee farming in the future throughout the whole world.

On the other hand, researchers highlighted the dangerous effect of deforestation on wild species of coffee beans.

They added that, coffee plants grow only in specific regions being affected by an apparent climate change like; rising temperature and extreme rainfall; which might make coffee-beans farming kind of impossible in the near future.

“Some coffee types are expected to disappear during 10 to 20 years, moreover, 75 out of 124 sorts of wild coffee categories are going to extinct, and 35 out of 124 kinds of coffee plants grow in non-protected regions”, the research revealed.

Other crucial thing is that, popular Arabica coffee -which used for commercial purposes- is on the top of endangered list.

In the same context, a previous research stated that Arabica coffee –adored by millions- will vanish in 60 years.

Finally, researchers urged governments to protect the most threatened coffee types; by storing more seeds and prevent encroachment into forests.

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