Australian Tennis Open to Introduce Final-Set Tie-Breaks

CAIRO, Dec.6 (SEE)- The Australian Open Tennis tournament is set to follow Wimbledon and introduce final-set tie-breaks. The change could be introduced in time for the 2019 in January.

However, while at Wimbledon the final-set tie-break is to take place when the score reaches 12-12 in games, in Melbourne they plan to go to a tie-break at 6-6.The ‘super tie-break’ will be won by the first player to reach 10 points, with a margin of two.
If Tennis Australia implements this format, it would mean all four majors will operate on slightly different scoring systems.

Players are currently being consulted about whether to introduce the ‘super tie-break’ from 2019 in Australia or trial it during qualifying and junior matches, with a final decision to be made later.


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