AU’s President of Mathematics Participates in International Mathematics Conference

By: GehanAbo El Ella , Menna Seliem

The president of mathematics African Union Nazih El-Yacoub participated in International Mathematics Conference organized by Scientific Research and Technology Academy in collaboration with African Science Academy and 6 October University
It’s worthy to note that the president of the Arab Universities Union Amr Ezzat opened the 8th mathematics and information science international conference.

The conference, which is in time with the Mathematics International Day, will continue for 2 days at 6 October University. The conference was sponsored by the president of Scientific Research and Technology Academy Mahmoud Saqr.

17 countries participated in the event like Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Canada, Russia, India, France, Malaysia, and Brazil.

About 181 out of 530 researches were accepted to be presented from 17 countries, in addition to 11 lectures and 3 workshops will be lectured. The first workshop was entitled: “managing talent for young researchers” and the second was about the coefficient of effect, and the third discussed the scientific research.

The academy president Mahmoud Saqr said “This conference agreed with the academy goals, which discusses the issues that concerns the Egyptian citizen and scientific committee, and supporting scientific and technological capabilities”.

3 prizes will be presented under name “World Cult Award” as Canadian and South African students won that prize last year. This year the winners of the prize names will be announced at the end of the event.
Many mathematics and information scientists will be honored at the event like the external relations adviser Hesham El-Halaby, the law professor at police Academy Shawky Salah, the professors at Alexandria University faculty of science Mahmoud Gabr and Osama Abo Rawash, and the professor at El-Manoufia University Sayed Mahsoub.

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