AUC Releases List of Its Famous Graduates

By: Ibrahim Eldeeb, Mai Shaheen and Menna Seliem

Cairo, Feb. 9 (SEE)- The American University in Cairo AUC celebrated of passing 100 years excellence, innovation, educational and culture services in Egypt. The number of students in AUC reached to 6556, as the bachelor students reached to 5586 and the graduate studies were 970 student. 90% of students are Egyptians and the rest are international students from 57 countries.

Jordan queen Rania

38,386 students graduated from the university, 65% in Egypt and about 8000 students in USA, the majority of them enrolled in the study abroad.

Many celebrities graduated from AUC like: Jordan queen Rania, the journalist Thomas Friedman, the columnist for “New York Times” newspaper Nicholas Christophe who won the Pulitzer Prize, the last president of Maldives Mamoun Abd El-Qayoom, the first Egyptian that reached to Everest top Omar Samra, and many other celebrities.

Omar Samra

The students participated in 58 student activates which focus on many fields like academic, professional, cultural, and community service fields.

More than 60% of AUC students get financial help from the university and 270 students receive a full scholarship.

journalist Thomas Friedman

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