AUC Launches Latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor National Report

By: Yassmine ElSayed


CAIRO, Mar. 14 (SEE) – School of Business at the American University in Cairo (AUC) launched the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) National report 2017/18.

The report presents a detailed examination of the behaviors, motivations and attitudes towards entrepreneurship within the country as well as different aspects of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt making it a valuable resource for informing policies and programs.

According to an official statement by AUC, Egypt participated in GEM cycles along with many other countries to monitor its entrepreneurial performance.


This report marks the sixth country report for Egypt and was developed by AUC team led by Ayman Ismail, Abdul Latif Jameel Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship.


Overall, the report affirms a positive trend for entrepreneurship in Egypt that started in 2016, where early-stage entrepreneurship remains high; entrepreneurial intentions are also high; and overall societal perceptions of entrepreneurship continues to be highly favorable.


Total early-stage entrepreneurial activity (TEA) is the primary metric used by GEM to measure and compare entrepreneurial activities among countries, indicating the percentage of 18-64 population that is involved in starting a business. In 2017, the TEA rate in Egypt was 13.3 per cent, ranking 19, slightly higher than the global average of 12.3 per cent.


With regard to Egypt’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, there is a positive improvement trend, albeit slow, as most measures have shown noticeable improvements between 2015, 2016 and 2017, such as, access to finance, government policies support and relevance, entrepreneurship education at school and post-school stage, internal market dynamics, market entry regulations, and cultural and social norms.


The report is available on:

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