Arab Contractors Wins ‘Best Construction Company’ in Uganda for 2018

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Dec. 5 (SEE) – Uganda Vice President Edward Ssekandi awarded the “Arab Contractors” company (Al Moqawelon AlArab) the best construction company prize for 2018. This came for the role of the Egyptian company in implementing many of the developmental projects there and how they met international standards in terms of quality and performance.

Chairman Engineer Mohsen Salah noted in a statement today to the good reputation his company enjoys in Africa, which comes within the interest being paid by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to the political relations with African countries.

On his part, Engineer Ibrahim Mabrouk, head of African sector at the company explained that the company is having many projects currently in progress in Uganda, including renewing and developing Masaka–Bukakata Road, a road in the Central Region of Uganda, connecting the towns of Masaka and Bukakata in Masaka District, worth of $ 54 million. The road, which is located 100 km away from Kempala, is 41 km in length and its execution duration is 24 months.

Another project which is currently in progress is renewing and developing of the Dirt Road with a length of 67 km, and 200 km away from Kampala, and another road with a length of 44 km, in addition to infrastructure projects along that road with a cost valued at $ 133 million, and  to be executed within 36 months. Besides, the company is currently implementing development and rehabilitation of Mulago Specialized Hospital in Kampala worth at $ 13.6 million.

      Mulago Specialized Hospital in Kampala

On his part, Engineer Mohamed Tolba, managing director at the Uganda branch of the company explained that the development and rehabilitation of the Mulago General Hospital including the civil and electromechanical works in the capital Kampala has recently been completed for the Ugandan Ministry of Health with a total value of $ 22.3 million.

Another project has also been completed to contain the destruction resulted from floods in Kasese neighbourhood, a project which included removal of rocks and the placement of gabions and rocks removed from the main waterway to protect and strengthen the bridges to prevent their destruction. The project costed $ 2.7 million.

Besides, there is an undergoing construction of the first phase of the concrete structure at Bosaja trade market on a an area of 7,000 meters for the Ministry of Local Administration in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, with a total value of about $ 5.8 million. He concluded that the Ugandan market is among the promising markets.

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