Aboul Enien Attends Fashion Ceremony on Fringe of AU Summit

By Ali Abu Dashish

CAIRO, Feb. 9 (SEE) – Businessman, honorary president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, and head of the Egyptian European Business Council Mohamed Aboul Enein said that Egypt’s presidency over the African Union (AU) will positively push forwards efforts paid, across the continent, or development, peace, and economic integration.

Aboul Enein added that African leaders are supporting President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, admire Egypt’s pace for development and stability during the last four years, and trust his success while presiding over the AU.

In the presence of the Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde, Aboul Enein attended a fashion show and a discussion about African fashion and its industry in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

By the Ethiopian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the AfroChampions initiative, the Commerce and Development Bank, the African Development Bank, Aboul Enein was invited.

The celebration (that included a fashion show of the latest African fashions for the most famous African houses) was attended by African senior officials, remarkable African figures in the fields of industry and trade.

During the celebration, Aboul Enien expressed that Al Sisi’s speech at the summit (where he is going to formally receive the AU’s presidency) will deliver a complete vision about developing Africa, non-traditional initiatives in favor of the continent’s progress, fighting against terrorism, and disputes’ settlement.

The AfroChampions is an initiative that aims at developing the African Fashion industry, considering it as a source for the continent’s development. In this regard, the initiative is cooperating with the Trade and Industry Commission at the AU, fashion designers, remarkable figures in the fields of trade and industry, to improve the fashion industry’s main structure including transportation, logistics services, spreading the African fashion industry across the world, developing work environment, and creating chances for the textile sector.

Aboul Enein called upon the African countries to unite, face the existing obstacles, and work on implementing regional projects including the main structure, railways, and electricity, considering these the main challenge that faces the countries’ development.

“It is very important to advertise for Africa in the international market, for the continent to acquire international industrial fame,” adding that “Such fame would double the revenue s of the African products. A vivid example is the Egyptian cotton sold worldwide more expensively than other cotton products because the international fame it gained.”

The world is rediscovering Africa, a continent where great opportunities are yet not utilized. In addition, under the umbrella of the Africa Free Zone that will be implemented soon, fashion will become a leading industry in Africa’s economy.

Worth noting is that youth represent 60% of Africa’s population. The continent owns 40% of the world’s metals, 90% of the platinum’s reserve, 70% of the gold’s resources, and of the cobalt’s resources 76%.

60% of the continent’s fertile land is not utilized. The continent also has 124 billion barrels of oil, 500 trillion cubic foot of natural gas, great potential to produce renewable energy (wether solar or hydroelectric), huge markets that supply more than billion and a quarter consumers, a number that will reach 2.5 billions by 2059.

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