“Al-Lella Al-Kebera” Rolls for Free at Al-Hanager Theater

The first show of “Al-Lella Al-Kebera” play was staged at Al-Hanager Theater in the Opera House on 10th May and will last till 25th of it.

The play, which included “Hal-Helalk” activities, was organized by Khaled Galal.

Al-Lella Al-Kebera‘, a Marionette brides’ operetta, was composed by Sayed Mekkawy and written by Salah Gahen.

Al-Lella Al-Kebera show
Al-Lella Al-Kebera show

The play narrates heritage celebration of Prophet’s birthday. In this operetta, many ways of celebration were displayed, like children games, singing parties, candy sells and youth athletics.

The play was presented on special theater that was created with wood and card paper; in addition, it was also decorated with graphics and bright colors suitable for children.

Hal-Helalk activity included opened art shows that allowed to the audience to participate with many singers and their musical bands like Mahmoud Al-Tohamy, who sang many songs such as “Talaa Al-Badru Alyna” and “Mawlay Saly Wa Salem.”

Mohamed Tharwat, a famous singer
Mohamed Tharwat, a famous singer

The theater is getting ready for 10th Ramadan anniversary that is compatible with 6th October war anniversary; Mohamed Tharwat, a famous singer, will sing on Thursday for this event.

The art house for folk arts will participate with different shows of national circus arts like The Jungleer, The Clown and The Magician.


Contributed by: Menna Seliem

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